Who is taylor swift dating kennedy

Taylor calls the film "phenomenal" and tells her followers to go see it.

Taylor Swift managed to slip into the London premiere of Joe's move for their first official red carpet moment for Joe and Taylor, a source told The Sun the singer didn't want to distract from her boyfriend's achievements."Taylor didn't want to draw attention to herself because it was really Joe's night", the insider commented.

But here's a timeline with as much information as we could find. Taylor releases her new album, and fans are convinced that these songs - and these lyrics in particular are about Joe.

Song: 'Lover'Lyric: "I've loved you three summers now, honey, but I want 'em all"Why fans think this is about Joe: Rumour has it, Taylor and Joe started dating in summer 2016 aka three summers ago.

You have to admit, you sing her hit singles in the shower, and you undoubtedly sound good doing it.

The “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer has running list of exes, which include Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and Corey Monteith.

It's widely reported that Joe was also there and Coincidence orrrrr?

A friend close to the country We all know Taylor Swift is a bundle of crazy, and she’s quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood.It’s official, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have broken up, and they’re never, ever, ever, ever, ever getting back together.Supposedly, the two parted ways a while ago after they realized that they just weren’t able — or willing! This relationship’s downfall comes just months after Conor and Taylor were seen getting hot and heavy at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.Just a month later, she announces she has broken up with boyfriend of a year Calvin Harris and weeks later she's pictured kissing Tom Hiddleston.'Hiddleswift', as they become to be known, break up in September, 2016.

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“Setting down roots is something she’s thought long and hard about.

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