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From its representation throughout the human history, through mythology and early beliefs, we may draw some conclusions.

Gemini zodiac sign was represented as two pillars joined at the top and its base.

In the Zodiac, Geminis are represented as Twins, true yin and the yang.

Since they can be both sides of the issue, main problem for other people is knowing which one of the Twins will show up.

Gemini born persons are intellectually inclined in constant search for information.

Since those pillars were placed apart from the building without any structural purpose, their use was considered to be symbolical during that time. They are real chameleons and it is easy for them to blend in any situation.

For them, sex is true celebration of life and they love it.

Typically, Gemini zodiac sign starts on 21st May and lasts to 20th June. Of course, birth dates can change depending on a year but those dates are reserved for Geminis.

They always move forward with optimism with ability to always look at the bright side.

People born as Gemini are never bored, even when they look like that, their brain is racing making plans or daydreaming.

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