Whos cristiano ronaldo dating

It's confirmed that Georgina will move to Turin with Ronaldo following his move to Serie A side Juventus.

The 24-year-old Georgina appeared at the festival slipping into a stunning navy number as she worked the crowd.

Her attendance at a number of awards ceremonies, such as The Best FIFA Football Awards, helped to cement that view and she has since become a prominent part of Ronaldo's family, very much as a mother to his children.

This is what we know about Ronaldo's love interest.

From his first relationship, Ronaldo has a young son, from a partner who is yet unnamed.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born in 2010, and aged eight is under the full custody of his father.

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The identity of Cristiano Jr's biological mother has been kept secret since he was born in the United States in 2010.

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