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In fact, two out of three of us quickly declared soccer players the hottest athletes on Earth. ) But that started a sorta-serious debate: What about swimmers (those )? We quickly dismissed bikers on two counts: 1) scrawny 2) impotent (though we kind of think Lance Armstrong is a butherface.) Gymnasts? “Hi, I’m 33, and I have arthritis.” Like to slap each other on the ass a little much. (Please see: the American team’s Oguchi Onyewu, at left. “They’re like weird equilateral triangles,” pronounced Erin. Do-able Members: The baby-faced, off-the-market Ma nning boys. He's won about 14 titles, scored over 222 goals in Boca Juniors and is their record striker.World Cup For Free: No TV, No Cable, No Subscriptions Necessary!!! Here's a quick guide on How To Watch World Cup for Free, Live, Streaming Online in the US....He looks stronger than almost any other player out there and he's only 25.I won't comment on his looks since I'm not a teenage girl, but this article puts him into context with other American athletes, Kobe, Terrell, A-Rod.

What was going on for the last couple of weeks was more like the "World's Soccer Fair." At least I'd like to think of it this way after watching games like Slovenia vs. Portugal with both teams qualified for the next round.

I'm not dismissing any of these teams, since after 4 years they all merited to... But here we are, the only ones in South Africa that do not call it some variation on foot and ball. Google, being the practical pranksters, decided to add a vuvuzela button on You Tube videos.

And of course, if you've pondered this before, you are probably equally befuddled that the game we call football is not even played with one's foot in the first place. Posted with permission via Here Come The Have you recovered from that heart attack inducing, hell of a game?? Just click on that little soccer ball and the music of the vuvuzela will drown out whatever you're watching!

Still didn't top Diego Maradona in the categories of "Political Relevance" and "The second goal was even better." And I'd love to know what the ref told Luis Fabiano after he scored. Coulibaly Koman Single-handedly Destroys American Dream Koman's horrible call in the 88th minute cost the US the win.

At first, we thought it was an offsides call, but FIFA has recorded it a foul on Edu. Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are doing very well in their respective groups. In fact, they are doing better than any other continent.

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