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Note: The database will be cleared because too much has changed (not for alpha users).# Character names in the summary will use class colors (if enabled) when the class column is disabled.# Added the option to mark a guild bank as personal to include its gold in a character's money tooltip.# If gold in statistics exceeds 100K the smaller denominations are removed and only visible in the tooltip.# Pressing enter in text box didn't invoke searching in the lookup and find frames; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to make the minimap icon position global.# An option has been added to include item counts for personal guild banks only.==== v12.9.1 ====# Included updated German translations.# Added class color to trade skill cooldown warning.# Added class color to achievement tooltip.# Increased number of "in progress" lines in achievement tooltip from 2 to 10.# Added sanity check to prevent nil index error when updating guild data.# Using command line option to delete guildbank data didn't close open guildbank; this has been fixed.# Guildbanks on connected realms are now merged into one.Logging in to such a realm should automatically take care of this.# After deleting a guildbank, the /ar gb command was no longer available.

Runeforging) were still scanned; this had been fixed.# If counts are included for all realms '@realm' will now be appended to the name (note: separate setting for guild banks).# Guild bank item count faction comparison was still based on character data; this has been fixed.==== v9.5.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.0.6.==== v9.4.10 ====# Opening the last active chat for linking didn't work anymore; this has been fixed.# Added logic to prevent partial storage of pet data which results in a 'effective Stat nil' error.# Included updated French and Korean translations.# When the overlay frame was shown the character frame became unmovable; this has been fixed.# Selecting a pet from page 2 or above didn't show the correct details; this has been fixed.# Keyring update was not correctly triggered anymore; this has been fixed.# Enabling bag layout in inventory icon view could result in an error when a keyring had some empty slots; this has been fixed.# Event module now ignores calendar filters but will include active raid lockouts even if the filter is disabled.# Trade skills were not stored correctly anymore when an item name filter was active; this has been fixed.==== v9.4.6 ====# Icon tooltip anchoring changed to support bottom screen positions.# Fixed trade skill cooldowns in the event module.==== v9.4.5 ====# Attempt to fix a socketing update issue with missing tooltip data.# Comparison tooltip scale is now set the same as the game tooltip.# Equipment tooltip is now shifted to the right when a flyout is shown.# Changed 'prismatic' into 'other' because of engineering sockets.# If for some reason the socket type can't be established the gem info will now be shown under 'other' instead of generating an error.# The warning message wasn't shown anymore when a trade skill frame was toggled instead of explicitly closed; this has been fixed.# Anchoring and scaling changed for character browse buttons.# When moving the mouse from the head slot to the right browse button the tooltip contents weren't always updated; this has been fixed.# Added support for new Gear Score (Player Score).# Added support for Atlas Loot v6.# Closing a trade skill window could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Trade skills weren't updated anymore when filtered; this has been fixed.# Item comparison tooltips weren't shown anymore for buyable or trainable items; this has been fixed.# Changed the 'unknown sender' mail warning.==== v9.3.3 ====# Included updated German translations.# Water elemental pet icon was missing; this has been fixed.# Equipment updates were triggered too many times; this has been fixed.# Logic has been added to skip socketing updates when, for some reason, data is lacking.# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.0.3.==== v9.2.6 ====Note: you'll need to login with an alt before all data is available.# Added socket information to the character sheet.# Overlay drop down selections are now saved per character.# Currency has been added to the summary sheet.# Pawn button became 'inactive' when the overlay is shown; this has been fixed.# ' Already known' wasn't shown for current character's glyphs; this has been fixed.# Added logic to prevent trade skill updates when not all data is available yet.# New o Glow didn't work with recipe details; this has been fixed.# Trade skills are now always rescanned when the skill frame is closed.# Added temporary fix for 4.0.3 (beta).# Added a warning if an unknown sender is detected while scanning the inbox.# When entering the world scans are now only performed when the option is set or in case there is no data.# Lookup frame sometimes didn't show the drop downs when opened for the first time; this has been fixed.==== v9.1.19 ====# Included Korean translations.# Displaying the mastery tooltip could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Title selection drop down fell behind some elements of the overlay frame; this has been fixed.# Moved the overlay checkbox to the lower left corner of the character frame.# Resilience was missing from the defense stats; this has been fixed.# Under certain circumstances a guild bank messaging error could occur; this has been fixed.==== v9.1.18 ====# ' Already known' in tooltips has been extended with known glyphs.# Under certain circumstances the game could freeze; this may have been fixed.# Side tabs weren't updated when a new trade skill was scanned; this has been fixed.# Loosened up recipe comparison because learned and unlearned names may differ.# The current character is now removed from the ' Already known' list.# Added a work-around for wrong API return values to make binary storage possible again.# Using '/ar check ended with a zero; this has been fixed.# The countdown of seasonal debuffs, like ' Tricked or Treated', and the ' Deserter' debuff is now maintained.# An indication that a recipe is learnable by one of your characters is now added to its tooltip.# An indication that a recipe eventually will be learnable by one of your characters is now added to its tooltip.# Runeforging is no longer tracked (note: the database update may remove other professions).# When doing an exact search with '/ar find' the enclosing quotes were removed; this has been fixed.# Tinkers are now included in tooltips and extended search.# Maybe fixed a glyph frame issue.# Currencies didn't show counts anymore; this has been fixed.# Buffs tooltips and timers were not always shown correctly; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to use Armory's layout in the character frame when it is collapsed.# Gear Score support has been added to the overlay.# Some other minor changes.==== v9.0.7 ====Note: All data will be reset due to major API changes.# Final release for patch 4.0.1 / beta 4.0.3==== v8.2.8 ====# Daily quests and random battlegrounds and dungeons have been added to the quest log.

A new option "gb" has been added (/ar delete gb [guild] [realm]) that acts the same as deleting a character but in this case with respect to a guild bank.# Some other minor changes and bug fixes.==== v7.0.4 ====# Updating Friends sometimes causes an error to occur; this has been fixed.# When clicking an achievement link an error was thrown when an alt still has pre patch 3.2 achievements stored; this has been fixed.==== v7.0.3 ====# When Pawn wasn't installed an error occurred upon startup; this has been fixed.# Aura updates are now suppressed while in combat.# "x ..

remaining" line has been removed from aura tooltips.==== v7.0.2 ====# Faction and neutral auctions are now kept in separate containers.# Auctions still in inventory after 48 hours will be moved to the characters inventory inbox container automatically.# A social module has been added to keep track of friends and ignores (accessible through Armory's portrait icon).# An option has been added to make a character (typically a stationairy bank toon) adopt the Pawn scales of the other characters.# Some other minor changes and bug fixes.==== v6.4.1 ====# Added additional data storage to provide better support for external add-ons like Bagnon.

) equipment set could result in an error; this has been fixed.# Included updated German translations.==== v10.5.1 ====# Currency icons were not shown anymore in summary sheet; this has been fixed.# Added extra checks and clean-up to prevent an error to occur for unknown pet spells.# Enchanting recipe tooltip enhancement didn't work anymore; this has been fixed.==== v10.5.0 ====Note: The database will be upgraded.# Adjustments have been made for patch 5.2.0.# Glyphs could show up as learnable while they were already known; this has been fixed (needs ARMORY_BUZZ_WORDS translation for other languages).# Obsolete Get LFGDungeon Reward Cap Bar Info and related UI elements have been removed.# Valor point tooltip in summary now shows weekly maximum instead of the old Cataclysm related data.# Caged battle pets in inventory caused a tooltip error; this has been fixed.# Armory Guild Bank now handles caged pets properly (synchronization will be incompatible with older versions).# Fixed an issue with tooltip enhancement not updating correctly when switching between different link types.# Added workaround for Get Trade Skill Reagent Item Link returning nil in PTR.==== v10.4.3 ====# Hovering realm first achievement links caused an error; this has been fixed.==== v10.4.2 ====# "You are not in a raid" message appeared when in LFR; this has been fixed.# The selected stats in the paperdoll were reset after changing the selection; this has been fixed.# Player Score integration has been re-enabled.==== v10.4.1 ====# The achievement module could result in game freeze, FPS drop or 'script ran too long' error on some systems; this should have been fixed now.==== v10.4.0 ====# Tooltip module has been adapted to the new way tooltips are generated.

Most, if not all, tooltip enhancements should work again.# Events module now stores one consolidated event for Pandaria gem research.# Added a hack for tradeskill cooldowns because API still returns midnight when the cd is activated (but the correct time after a reload!

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Note: Not all code has been reviewed yet and parts are still disabled, but all core modules are there. ==== v9.13.5 ====# Profession data is now pulled immediately from the server to minimize the chance that item data will be missing when stored.# If item level information is missing for a character the summary and paperdoll would result in an error; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to use a link as argument for /ar find (even /ar [link] is supported) to search the database.# An option has been added to make Alt-clicking a chat link equivalent to /ar find [link].# The fallback routine that was used when a trade skill texture couldn't be found always returned a question mark; this has been fixed.# In inventory icon view mode the item counts were not shown anymore; this has been fixed.# Profession windows can now be opened from the command line with /ar profession [char] [realm] (e.g. Note: all parameters are case sensitive.==== v9.12.0 ====# Other add-ons adding entries to paperdoll stats could break Armory; this has been fixed.# If a level requirement is unknown for a glyph the tooltip count would result in an error; this has been fixed.# Sometimes 'craftable by' was still showing from a previous tooltip; this has been fixed.# Player Score (Gear Score) player data wasn't reset; this has been fixed.# If the summary sheet is locked it didn't get updated when a character was deleted; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to exclude a character from Armory.# Talent tab is now hidden for lower level characters.# Guild bank money display didn't get updated after visiting the guild bank; this has been fixed.# Added some sanity checks for timestamps in Armory Guild Bank communication.# Raid info instance lock details now show defeated bosses instead of the instance ID which is not relevant anymore.# LFR has been added to raid info.# With a locked summary sheet the delete dialog appeared behind the summary; this has been fixed.# Pinned tooltip item counts now get updated as well.# Wrong event was disabled whe processing tokens; this has been fixed.# Trade skill update warning wasn't shown anymore; this has been fixed.# A warning has been added in case the server didn't return all requested profession data.# Currency data got deleted sometimes; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to choose a sound to play for automated warning and error messages.==== v9.11.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.3.0.# Forgot to mention that the previous release included updated German translations.# Sometimes the currently selected character wasn't restored properly by database wide operations; this has been fixed.# Armory Guild Bank now also supports o Glow.# When searching o Glow will be disabled for greyed out items.# Adjusted the line width in inventory list view to make a cleaner fit.# Added support for void storage.# Removed some equipment count logic that made me wonder why I added that in the first place.==== v9.10.0 ====# "Known by" has been removed for glyph tooltips that already show this information.# "Craftable by" has been added to glyph tooltips.

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