Wow armory page not updating

At the same time, I completed all raids for MOP expansion in (LFR), and all of them are updated at the armory. I can’t say that it’s a character or armory bug because it doesn’t want to show that this raid only is complete in the armory, and blizzard should fix this at the armory.When I send a ticket, Game Master Daremdekhar told me to post a thread.🔥😆🔥 If you look closely you may just spot me & @Warcraftjen amidst the RUCKUS💪🏼😂👍🏼 Here's a #Toast To Warcraft for an amazing 15 years & a wild #Wo WClassic launch today! We met during Wot LK as I transferred to Alliance to heal for the guild he was an officer in.

Another thing I see is that achievement points seem to have gone up in this thread (Could you maybe rephrase that so that it conveys useful information?🏁 The MDI Eastern Division is now live with Cup #2, with some of the best teams of China, Australia, and the Asia Pacific facing off!WATCH NOW 📺 Fs A1cmna It’s been fifteen years, and I still can’t imagine a life without @Warcraft in it 🦁 so many memories, friendships, laughs and fun experiences throughout that time.Character pages take very long to load, often up to 20 seconds or more.Tomb of Sargeras progress was missing for way too long after introduction of the raid and now since yesterday or so I notice that segment being added, seemingly randomly, often to chars that never saw any raid and maybe didn't even log in/out at the time, while those actively raiding it are often missing it.

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