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Upload a great face shot with you smiling and showing a cheeky grin.A full body shot also helps to demonstrate you are actually the size and shape you say you are!If you love blondes who are 5ft 7 and curvy - then say so!

Be Truthful Since there is very little physical interaction in the beginning, some men feel the need to exaggerate a bit to appear special or important.

All women know studio shots don't represent real life! Many people make the mistake of uploading photos that were taken several years ago. Be Specific in What You are Looking For When creating an Internet dating profile, it is always important to be specific as to what you are looking for.

There could be potentially thousands of people viewing your profile, therefore, it is important to be upfront as to what you are looking for.

Update Your Profile on a Regular Basis Have you ever gone to a website only to find out that it hasn't changed in months or even years? Some dating websites keep track as to when you are online and when you logged in last.

If you are still looking to find that special woman, make sure you keep your dating profile updated. If you have visited any new exotic places recently, be sure to add a blurb about it on your profile. Let your positive vibes flow freely and allow them to attract that special woman.

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